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Tobey Gifford is a dynamic national and international motivational speaker, CEO, and owner of two successful businesses: Lemon Tree Yoga and TG Unlimited. She presents and leads workshops all over the world on wellness, self-care, substance abuse, stress management, self-regulation, and anxiety.

In addition to being the director, owner, and yoga teacher at Lemon Tree Yoga in New York, she is a physical education instructor and wellness coordinator at SUNY Adirondack and has been a competitive gymnastics coach for many years.  For the last 25 years, she has been using her background in exercise physiology, wellness, yoga and coaching to help people get into shape and develop healthier lifestyles.  

She shares her own challenges of getting injured as a young gymnast and being forced to quit something she loved, dealing with alcoholism in her family, later being a teenage mother with low self-esteem, struggling with body image, anxiety, and depression.  She speaks of her journey with alcohol addiction herself that included years of shame and guilt.  Tobey uses her life story to show others how to be resilient, giving many techniques on how to bounce back from difficult times  from difficult times and uses her platform to speak of her journey in recovery of over 30 years, how she successfully broke the cycle of family addiction, and now inspires many others to do the same.

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I am here to say YOU DO NOT have to walk down the path of addiction. I am here to show that it is possible to have a FANTASTIC LIFE without drugs.

Tobey Gifford

Following getting on the path of recovery from addiction, she began to realize nothing was impossible!  She went back to school and graduated from college with honors. She became a professional and internationally ranked athlete who was featured on ESPN regularly, Sports Illustrated, and was published in the book, Athlete by Howard Schatz as an adult. She became a 3-time National Aerobic and World Champion Finalist traveling all over the world and achieving her dream of becoming a champion. She also began practicing and studying yoga to improve her athletic performance, then gradually realized the benefits it has for mental and physical health for everyone, kept studying, and has become an advanced yoga teacher and therapist.  She is a mother of two beautiful and successful women and has five amazing grandchildren! 

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